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Company name and registrar registered in France on 01/04/2014

Company SAS:

Founder: B. Jean EL HAGE
RCS831 798 384
CategoryComputer Science
Professional phone+33 9 72 50 90 03
Fax+33 9 72 43 75 74
Legal formPersonal business professional

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With complete right to publish, write and sell service information, web and mobile applications

What is our job exactly?

  • We are Web & Mobile Senior developers.
  • Our Main Job is based on a big experience and professionalism: Maintain consistency of information published on the Website / Portal Enhance and manage Digital presence, as per guidelines including on-line brand management, strategy development, and tactical implementation plus tracking/reporting Coordinate with internal departments and ensure optimization for any initiative which can be taken Perform update and maintenance for website / Portal Search engine optimization Web security (cryptographic algorithm).
  • We also work on the SEO Optimization and Performance:
  • Grow and optimize keyword portfolio, including keyword research, analysis, and implementation into content and other aspects of websites and online marketing materials
  • Web page optimization and content editing including call-to-action statements, headlines, meta tags, page titles, alt tags, anchor texts and description for company’s online website and other related online materials (product & solution landing pages, press releases, blogs, etc.?)
  • Implement Paid Search/SEO strategies and plans for organization
  • Implement SEO/SEM modifications based on analysis
  • Stay on top of emerging SEO and SEM trends and technologies; sharing newest best practices and suggestions for changes to current processes
  • Expertise and analyses using Google Webmaster (for indexing pages), Analytics (for the best statistics), Adwords (for more clicks and visitors with specific conversions)
  • Following alexa ranking and trying to always be on the top list in the search engine markets.
Web & Mobile Developement Skills
CMS, PHP4 & 5 (OOP), Javascript, JQuerY, AJAX, JSONExpert
XML, MySql, SEOExpert
Web 2.0, HTML4 & 5, CSSExpert
iOS Objective-C/Cocoa, Java, C/C++Expert
WAMP, LAMP, Online Server (hosting & Database)Expert
Joomla, DrupalExpert
PhoneGap – Cordova, Android SDK, xcode 5 (iOs)Expert
Other softwares uses
Matlab, Latex, Photoshop, IllustratorExpert
Operating systems, Networking & Hardware
Windows, Mac, Linux, UnixAdvanced