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Drop down menus are one of the most common features in a website. Scripting allows you to add a menu bar with attached drop down menus to the top of your website which helps in website navigation.

How are they created?
Web designers can create horizontal or vertical drop down navigation menus with the help of CSS. However, it should be noted that by using JavaScript, more interactive, responsive and flexible navigation bars can be created for any website.

What are the advantages of websites using a drop down menu?

  1. A drop down menu is useful because it reveals the contents of a website simply by placing the cursor over the main menu navigation bar. When this happens, the pages below the main sections appear dynamically and third tier pages are also revealed when one goes further down. It enables the visitor to click on any of these links and go straight to these pages.
  2. Drop down menus makes sure that navigating a website is extremely simple.
  3. The menu acts like a dynamic site map that provides navigation.
  4. Search engines can index the site using the menu structure and can then provide a structured search result


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