Tutorials and scripts

Arduino Examples & Videos & Source codes

Manage your house with Arduino – Lamps,Heating, Fan, temperature, humidity, etc.
MP3 Player (WTD020SD DFPlayer), Alarm and distance dtector (HC-SR04 sensor) with Arduino
Building a drone – quadcopter with Arduino – schematic and source code
Build an electric car with Arduino and Bluetooth control or IR (infrared)
moving head – GoPro Hero 4 – Arduino Bluetooth
Electronic locks compatible with Arduino parts
Ring With Arduino Ethernet modules and web and mobile application
Electronic Pet Door – Arduino Nano LCD RFID Security Door

PHP scripts – download free PHP scripts

Statistics and counters: Simple user Online class
Statistics and counters: Server Stats
Statistics and counters: Graph Maker Function
Intelligent 404 Handler
Example of function to send out email if error occurs – PHP Scripts
Errors and Logging sample source codes – PHP Scripts
Validation function for LUHNMod10 and variant
Credit Card validation routine. Uses MOD 10.
Credit Card Identification and Validation Class
An example of the cyberlib payment class – PHP Scripts
Adding dashes to credit card numbers – PHP Scripts
Credit Cards sample source codes – PHP Scripts
Calendar sample source codes – PHP Script
ID Generate – PHP Script
Adding a User – PHP Script
File based login – PHP Script – PHP_AUTH_PW, WWW-Authenticate
Send email with CC and BCC – Free PHP Script
File Upload script example – download free source code

A resource for open web HTML & HTML5 developers

HTML 5 & Demos

cPanel & WHM ideas and tips (Centos 6)

Restrict WHM Access by IP
How to access phpMyAdmin directly (without cPanel login)
Installing GIT on LINUX CentOS 6/7
Installing Composer globally on CentOS
Centos 6 WHM/cPanel Backup of accounts on external server via FTP
Configure cPanel Cron Jobs – backup time hour minutes on Centos 6 WHM
How to change the primary IP addres of a WHM/cPanel server (Centos/Rhel)